HIR(ED) - Agile Education: Are Bootcamps Iterating Fast Enough?

On today’s HIR(ED) show, a panel discussion called “Agile Education: Are Bootcamps Iterating Fast Enough?”, featuring Will Sentance, CEO & Founder of Codesmith; RC Johnson, Director of Software Engineering for Indeed.com; Amir Savar, Founder of Skilled Inc.; and Joe Burgess, Entrepreneur in Residence at Flatiron School.

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HIR(ED) - Liz Eggleston - Co-Founder of Course Report

On this episode, Liz Eggleston presents "The State of the Bootcamp Industry: Outcomes, Demographics, and Attracting New Students." Liz is the Co-Founder of Course Report, the most complete, most-visited resource for students researching coding bootcamps on the internet.

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