Hey Everyone! This is Micah Merrick.

I'm writing to introduce paid Memberships to the Skill.FM Community. Why?

First, the entire point of Skill.FM is to connect people across the U.S. that are passionate about taking today's innovations in work and education and putting them into practice, now. Yes, some innovators will start their own organizations, but many others are working inside of schools, colleges, and employers across the country. It can be isolating to feel like you're the only person who believes that things should be different. Heck, it's difficult to be different!

By paying to join the Skill.FM Community, you are signaling to me that I should continue to spend my own time to serve this community. If enough of you become members (say, 50?!), that would be sufficient signal to me that investing in deeper ways to connect this community, such as Discord or Slack channels, regular Zoom calls, and in-person meetups, would be worth doing. Of course, anyone that joins before then will have access to me directly to share feedback and support one another's efforts.

Second, Skill.FM is not my full-time job: it's a labor of love on nights and weekends. However, putting shows on Skill.FM is a time intensive process with show notes, social media marketing, and especially sound editing. For shows that I produce, like The HIRE(ED) Show or The CLOSE IT Show, there is even more work involved, including recording voice-overs and intensive sound editing.

By paying to join the Skill.FM Community, you will enable me to outsource most of the sound editing, giving me more time to find new shows for the podstation, and to produce more original content.

So, let me know...are all these efforts worthwhile to you, and the students and workers you're trying to serve? 

If so, please become a Skill.FM Community Member, today.

Micah Merrick

Become a Community Member, Today