Week in Review & New Show Announcement

A summary of this past week, a new record, and an announcement about our third new show on Skill FM. (Sorry, but you have to listen to this episode if you want to find out which one!)

Another great week here at Skill FM.

First, we posted our second episode of the Isaac Morehouse podcast, an interview with his 10 year old son about his unschooling experiences. As one of our listeners on Facebook put it: "Pure Gold!"

Second, we posted the first episode of our exciting collaboration with the CLOSE IT Summit, one of the premier workforce conferences in the U.S. that takes place every fall. The first episode featured a talk by Steve Cadigan, one of the early employees at LinkedIn, about global trends in hiring and their implications.

Third, we shared an interview with Lambda School Chief of Staff, Trevor McKendrick, who shed some light on the inner workings of Lambda, one of the most well-known and fastest growing code academies in Silicon Valley.

Finally, on the Skill podcast, we shared an conversation with Alec Resnick, the co-founder of Powderhouse Studios in Somerville, Massachusetts. Powderhouse was nearly the first self-directed, public, in-district high school in the country. Over the course of more than five years, the Powderhouse team (with support from a wide variety of community organizations, foundations, experts, and policymakers) worked closely with Somerville Public Schools to develop a detailed, practical, and piloted plan to open a new high school…which was thwarted at the last minute by Somerville’s Superintendent and School Committee.

And last but not least, we're excited to announce that next week, we’ll begin airing episodes of...(listen to this episode to find out!)