Week in Review & New Show Announcement

A summary of our second week back on the air and an announcement about our second new show on Skill FM. (Sorry, but you have to listen to this episode if you want to find out which one!)

It’s been a great second week back on the air here at Skill FM.

First, we posted our first episode of the Isaac Morehouse podcast, an interview with Zak Slayback, and investor at 1517 Fund, back when Zak and Isaac worked together at Praxis.

Second, I posted the first episode this year of the Skill podcast, an interview with Tim Spurlock, the President of American Diesel Training Centers. I was really excited to speak with Tim, because American Diesel is a shining example of taking the condensed training model and applying it outside of the world of software engineering. Skill academies are going to become a huge force in education in the coming years, and it won’t just be for programming computers.

And last but not least, we're excited to announce that next week, we’ll begin airing episodes of...