UpSkill America - 5 Years of UpSkill America: What's Next?

The fifth anniversary of UpSkill America is here! At this special event, UpSkill America, an initiative of The Aspen Institute, looked both back at what they have learned about upskilling the last five years and forward to what the upskilling movement needs to achieve in the years ahead.

The UpSkill America Show is presented by Skill FM and Upskill America.

UpSkill America is an employer-led movement to expand opportunity for America’s workers and allow our economy and communities to thrive. The movement promotes training and advancement practices to help workers progress in their careers and move into better-paying jobs. Led by a leadership team of employer organizations, UpSkill America’s mission is to recognize employers that invest in their frontline workers; promote the adoption of policies and practices used by employers to educate, train and develop frontline workers; and highlight effective local and regional workforce development partnerships and how they educate, train and develop individuals for success in the workplace.

UpSkill America is an initiative of the Economic Opportunities Program at The Aspen Institute, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Aspen Institute has earned a reputation for gathering diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, creatives, scholars and members of the public to address some of the world's most complex problems.

About This Episode

The fifth anniversary of UpSkill America is here! To celebrate this anniversary, UpSkill America brought together leaders in business, researchers, policymakers, and upskilling program graduates to share what they’ve learned over the past five years, highlight innovative approaches to upskilling, discuss solutions to common challenges, and explore the future of the upskilling movement.

Since the founding of Upskill America, momentum for upskilling has continued to grow, with businesses large and small across the country creating new programs and developing innovative approaches to make it easier for employees to access training and education that can help advance their careers. These new strategies for upskilling represent a sea change in businesses’ approach to education, as they see the value of advancing the skills of employees at all levels in supporting opportunity and helping their bottom lines.

Today's Episode Features:

Maureen Conway, Vice President for Policy Programs at the Aspen Institute and as Executive Director of the Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program.

Dan Porterfield, President and CEO of The Aspen Institute. Previously, Dan served for seven years as the President of Franklin & Marshall College.

Eva Sage-Gavin, Senior Managing Director of Accenture’s Global Talent and Organization consulting practice. She leads the team that helps Accenture’s clients harness digital technologies and evolve their workforces to innovate, unlock new sources of value and “lead in the new.”

Ellie Bertani, Senior Director and Portfolio Owner of Digital Transformation and Reskilling within Walmart US, responsible for modernizing our ways of working and preparing for the future of work.