Skill - Trace Urdan - Knowledge Market Expert - The Profit Motive In Higher Education

The profit motive has led to so many innovations in higher education. So, why are we uncomfortable talking about it?

On the 7th episode of the Skill Podcast, Micah shares a conversation with Trace Urdan, Managing Director at Tyton Partners, a global investment bank and management consulting firm serving the global knowledge market.

Trace and Micah discuss the profit motive in higher education, a topic which is approached with hesitation and even disdain in many parts of the industry despite the fact that it has driven many of today's innovations in higher ed, including: Income Share Agreements (ISAs), bootcamps, and online education models serving adult workers.

It's time for higher education to rethink its discomfort with the profit motive.

Throughout this wide-ranging conversation, Trace and Micah cover the following topics:

  • #Twitterlife: What are the pro's and con's of interacting on Twitter?
  • Why is the profit motive an ideological point of contention in higher education, similar to global climate change in the energy industry?
  • Is the distance between education for skills vs. a brand shrinking?
  • Trace's own "Rethink the MBA" experience at Harvard Business School
  • LinkedIn's missed opportunity
  • Tyton Partners work serving low-skilled workers
  • Did you know about the hidden voucher system in higher ed?
  • Have student outcomes finally "won" as the goal of higher ed?
  • Trace describes the Holy Grail of ISAs
  • Will bootcamps finally force colleges to compete on time to completion?
  • Trace's own experience sending his kids to college
  • Micah's ulterior motives for podcasting
  • Homeschooling and online charter schools
  • What is the role of risk capital in higher education?
  • Trace's pet peeves when it comes to Silicon Valley EdTech culture

You can connect with Trace about his work at Tyton Partners at turdan "at" OR on Twitter @trace_urdan.

You can connect with Micah to share your thoughts about the Rethink Education Podcast at micah "at" or on Twitter @micahmerrick

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