Skill - Warren Shaeffer - Co-Founder of Knowable

Warren and the team at Knowable are building audio courses to help people learn new skills from world leading experts and storytellers. Yes, it's an education podcast featuring an education company that is turning podcasts into audio courses to help educate people...our most meta conversation yet!

Is audio the next frontier for learning? Listen, and decide for yourself.

Today, a conversation with Warren Shaeffer. Warren is the Co-Founder of Knowable, an e-learning startup based in Los Angeles. Knowable sprang out a desire to quickly learn about important topics, without the time required to find relevant, but rambling, podcasts, or the attention span to listen to an entire audiobook.

Imagine bite-sized audio lessons, personalized to your current skill level, about topics as diverse as how to Launch a Startup, or Start a Podcast, or Buy Your First Home.

Knowable launched in October, 2019 with investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Upfront Ventures, and Initialized Capital. Warren explains how Knowable works, why audio is an untapped medium for structured learning, and tells us why the necessary elements to guide listeners on a learning journey.

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