Rethink the MBA - Part 3 - Get Your Dream Job, Or Don't Go

"There’s only one good reason to get an MBA: to get your Dream Job."

On this episode, Micah reads Part 3 of his book "Rethink the MBA", and discards all of the phony reasons to get an MBA, such as "becoming a leader" or "learning by doing", and focuses on the one, good reason to get an MBA: to get your Dream Job. He also explains what makes the "best" schools, "the best", and it has nothing to do with professors talking in Boston accents or studying in fancy classrooms.

This episode includes the following chapters from Micah's book, Rethink the MBA, Why Business School is Riskier Than You Think:


Chapter 8: Many Reasons to Get an MBA
Micah teaches you a fun game to play in order to separate the good reasons to get an MBA, from the bad ones. There are so many phony reasons to get an MBA, but most of them are designed to stroke your ego, not help you make the best decision about whether or not to get an MBA.

Chapter 9: Only One Good Reason
Micah believes there is only one good reason to spend thousands of dollars and two years of time in a classroom: getting your Dream Job. Your Dream Job is the ultimate job you want after graduation, and if you can't get it after all that time and money, why get an MBA?

Chapter 10: Only the Best Schools
Micah explains the real reasons why the "best" schools are the "best". It has nothing to do with the professors, classrooms, or textbooks, and has everything to do with the type of students that a school is able to attract, and the employers that want to recruit those students. Harvard Business School, and every other Top 10 school, would be nothing without the ability to attract the most talented students.