Rethink the MBA - Part 1 - I Should Never Have Gotten an MBA

"I should never have gotten an MBA."

On this episode, Micah reads Part 1 of his book "Rethink the MBA" where he explains his core beliefs about the risks and opportunities of going to business school, and describes why "failure stories" are better than "success stories" at helping you to learn and grow as a person.

This episode includes the following chapters from Micah's book, Rethink the MBA, Why Business School is Riskier Than You Think:


Chapter 1: My Story
Micah tells the story of how he got into the Wharton School at the last minute, started a company after graduation, and then spent a year being unemployed after shutting down his company to look for a job to support his family.

Chapter 2: Caveat Emptor
Micah explains that this book is not a detailed list of the pro's and con's of getting an MBA, but rather a starting point for you to make your own decisions about whether or not to get one. He frames this decision in the language of gambling, not because students always lose the MBA game, but because being aware of the risks of going to b-school will make you more successful, whether you get an MBA, or not.

Chapter 3: Offense and Defense
Micah makes it clear that he is not a victim looking for someone to blame. Rather, he's telling a new kind a story: a "failure story". Unlike success stories, which suffer from survivorship bias, "failure stories" help you learn what not to do to be successful. Rethink the MBA is a failure story and that's what makes it valuable.

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