Skill - Josh Scott - President at Guild Education - Education Benefits for Workers

Josh is the President at Guild Education in Denver. Guild has partnered with WalMart, Chipotle, Disney and more to offer education benefits to over 3 million employees.

The benefits of working in corporate America include health insurance and a 401(k). But, what if employers also offered thousands of dollars in "education benefits" to spend at online universities and skill academies, and were OK with you taking these classes AND working at the company?

On Episode 20 of Skill, Micah shares a conversation with Josh Scott, President at Guild Education, a startup based in Denver. Guild partners with companies such as WalMart, Chipotle and Disney to offer education benefits to over 3 million employees.

Prior to working at Guild, Josh was the co-founder and COO at Craftsy, an online education and eCommerce community for passionate makers. Craftsy was acquired by NBC Universal in 2018.

Throughout this conversation, Josh and Micah cover the following topics:

  • Excel: great tool, or greatest tool?
  • Josh's career in marketplace companies, including eBay and HomeAdvisor
  • How Guild works and what they do
  • Why employers partner with Guild to offer education benefits to their employees
  • Some employees leave once they've learned new skills, so why should employers offer these benefits to them?
  • How online schools are universities are responding to the new opportunity to participate in the Guild marketplace
  • The most important elements to make education succeed for working adults
  • The student journey with Guild
  • The importance of coaching
  • The future for Guild and the future of work


You can connect with Josh on Twitter @josh_scott

You can connect with Micah at micah "at" OR on Twitter @MicahMerrick

Thanks for listening!