Isaac Morehouse - Zak Slayback & Deryk Makgill

Zak Slayback was on scholarship at an Ivy League school. Deryk Makgill was on the dean's list at a top tier university. They both dropped out, and they're both glad they did. On today's show, Zak and Deryk join Isaac to discuss their experiences and offer thoughts on the university system and what dissatisfied students can do.

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Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Crash, the career launch platform. He previously founded and currently serves as an advisor to Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program.

Zak Slayback is a venture capitalist at 1517 Fund, an author at McGraw-Hill, a former startup-operator, and a coal-country expat living between the coasts on airplanes. Zak has spent his entire career thinking about finding, helping, and connecting world-class talent. Zak is also the producer of a new podcast called Founders First, which explores how founders got started, what they did before starting their startups, and how you can go from an idea to a venture-backed company.

Deryk Makgill is a writer, researcher and investor. He recently began working with and is also working on projects and businesses in publishing, digital archiving, Bitcoin, and personal defense. During the time of this episode, Derek was the the Director of Marketing at Praxis.