Isaac Morehouse - Steve Patterson - Philosopher & Author on Credentialism

Isaac talks with Steve Patterson: Philosopher, Author, and the Host of the podcast Patterson in Pursuit. In his words, Steve is "obsessed with learning and have traveled the world to interview intellectuals about big ideas." On today's show, an excerpt from a longer conversation with Isaac, where he and Steve talk about credentialism and the pro's and con's of using credentials in the world of work.

Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Crash, the career launch platform. He previously founded and currently serves as an advisor to Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program.

Steve Patterson is a Philosopher and Author working outside of academia. He is also an award-winning video producer and the creator of The Truth About…animation series. Since he works outside of academia, and because he doesn't have classes to teach, papers to grade, or academic bureaucracy to deal with, he gets to spend a lot of time researching, writing articles, producing videos, books, and podcasts – all with the goal of creating the most accurate worldview.

You can reach Steve through email, Twitter, or Facebook. He also has a Youtube channel.


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