Isaac Morehouse - Michael Gibson - Partner at 1517 Fund

Michael Gibson is a General Partner at 1517 Fund. Michael was pursuing a PhD in philosophy when it struck him that the really big ideas weren't being advanced within the walls of academia. He left, got into the tech world, and found himself running investor Peter Thiel's fellowship program for young college opt-outs. He's recently co-founded his own venture capital fund to support young people who want to work on big ideas outside of the classroom. Isaac and Michael discuss his love of literature and philosophy, how he wound up in Silicon Valley, and what it looks like to operate outside the status quo.

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Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Crash, the career launch platform. He previously founded and currently serves as an advisor to Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program.

Michael Gibson is a General Partner at 1517 Fund. Michael was Vice President for Grants at the Thiel Foundation and a principal at Thiel Capital. For nearly five years working for Peter Thiel, he has contributed research to Peter’s global macro hedge fund, assisted in teaching a course at Stanford Law School on sovereignty and technological change, and helped run the Thiel Fellowship. He serves on the board of the Seasteading Institute. Before his academic apostasy, he was working towards a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Oxford. He has written on innovation and technology for MIT’s Technology Review, the Atlantic, and Forbes.