HIR(ED) - Liz Eggleston - Co-Founder of Course Report

On this episode, Liz Eggleston presents "The State of the Bootcamp Industry: Outcomes, Demographics, and Attracting New Students." Liz is the Co-Founder of Course Report, the most complete, most-visited resource for students researching coding bootcamps on the internet.

The HIR(ED) Show is presented by Skills Fund, the leading bootcamp student lender that's helped over 10,000 students get access to career-transforming education. Skills Fund hosted The HIR(ED) Summit in Austin, TX in November 2019. HIR(ED) was the bootcamp industry’s first-ever conference, convening the top coding schools in the country.

About This Episode

Today's episode is a talk by Liz Eggleston, the Co-Founder of Course Report. Course Report is the most-visited resource for students researching coding bootcamps online. At Course Report, she defines and executes their product and content strategies and conducts leading research about the bootcamp industry. Prior to Course Report, Liz held multiple roles at Living Social, an online marketplace that allows its registered users to buy and share things to do in their city. In addition to Course Report, she is a breakfast taco connoisseur, and bootcamp advocate.

Course Report was founded in 2013 by Liz and Adam Lovallo. While at LivingSocial, Liz and Adam saw the Hungry Academy come to fruition and were inspired by the program’s success in transforming bright employees into entry-level developers in six months. As the bootcamp model gained steam, so too did the need for a third-party resource for their students. Course Report launched in December 2013 and is fortunate to be advised by Jay Weintraub, Aaron Batalion, and Tim O'Shaughnessy.

Where to learn more about the Course Report:

Twitter - @coursereport  

Course Report - https://www.coursereport.com

Where to learn more about Skills Fund and the HIR(ED) Summit:

Website: https://skills.fund

HIR(ED) Summit 2019: https://hiredsummit.splashthat.com/


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