CLOSE IT - Jeremy Walsh - VP Enterprise Learning Solutions at Wiley

Jeremy Walsh is the Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions for Wiley Education Services. Jeremy asks whether the future of work is a "war for talent", or something else entirely?

The CLOSE IT Show is presented by the CLOSE IT Summit, a non-profit focused on the transition to a skills based economy, which helps organizations connect to leaders across the globe. The CLOSE IT Summit takes place each October and features thought leaders from industry, workforce, and learning communities.


Today's show is a talk given at CLOSE IT Summit 2019 by Jeremy Walsh, Vice President of Enterprise Learning Solutions for Wiley Education Services. Jeremy’s driving passion is helping companies position themselves with the emerging skills and agile workforce needed to be considered future-ready. His team is responsible for providing talent and training solutions that enable employers to excel in their market and leave the impact they desire. He believes, “We are fortunate to have a great culture and strong core values at Wiley. Our values are not just words on a wall, but deeply ingrained into the core of who we are as an organization.”

To this end, Jeremy is driven to cultivate leaders and build world-class organizations to make positive impacts in the diverse markets they serve. As a dynamic leader, business developer, small business owner, entrepreneur, and business consultant, he has a unique perspective on the convergence that’s happening between enterprise organizations and educators.

Prior to joining Wiley, Jeremy spent a decade overseeing business development initiatives for organizations such as Apollo Education Group, Kaplan Inc., and Mount Washington College. He sits on several advisory boards including the marketing advisory board for LinkedIn as well as a local leadership development organization called Leadership Broward. Jeremy earned a Bachelor of Science in business from Missouri Southern State University. He currently lives in South Florida with his wife, Giselle, and their two children, Ava and Deklan.


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