Skill - Carlo Salerno - Education Economist - Why Colleges Should Cosign Student Loans

If you believe that colleges require more "skin in the game" to improve student outcomes, there is only one place to look: student loans. My guest, Carlo Salerno, makes the case for mandating that colleges share financial risk with their students.

It's time for colleges to share financial risk with students, and cosigning student loans is the logical place to start.

On the 9th episode of the Skill Podcast, Micah shares a conversation with Carlo Salerno, education economist and author of the article "Colleges Should Cosign Student Loans", published at Inside Higher Ed in June. Carlo has over 20 years of experience in Higher Ed as a researcher, entrepreneur, and now VP of Research for CampusLogic.  

Carlo and Micah discuss his idea in depth, and explore the degree to which colleges have "skin in the game" today, and why that isn't enough to drive the student outcomes we want.

Throughout this conversation, Carlo and Micah cover the following topics:

  • Micah shares a surprising connection with Carlo
  • Carlo talks about his early studies in Economics & Education
  • Carlo talks about the early days of Income Share Agreements with Pave in 2012
  • Has “the moment” for Income Share Agreements finally arrived?
  • Federal loans vs. ISAs.
  • Is more higher ed student loan "skin in the game" inevitable for higher ed?
  • Carlo's idea to increase “skin in the game” for higher ed’s federally backed loans
  • Does higher ed already have “skin in the game”?
  • If so, is it a dial that we need to turn harder more?
  • Does higher ed today have the ability to control student outcomes?
  • Why colleges should be more like gyms and less like car factories
  • Translating educational experience to a job is extremely difficult
  • We need to ask hard questions about why universities struggle to achieve student outcome goals

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